Flow-Through-Felt Primer System from Nordson

Flow-Through-Felt Primer System

The Nordson® Flow-Through-Felt System provides consistent, reliable application of both clear and black primers. The system offers complete, uniform coverage and optimum adhesion.

As the robot travels the perimeter of the glass, the applicator tool uses pressure to dispense droplets of clear primer through an automatic valve. The tool is followed by a felt wick, which spreads the primer to a specific width and film build thickness. The black primer is then applied through a separate automatic valve into the back side of the felt at the application point, where it is spread to the specified width and film build. A reel-to-reel device is used to index a clean section of felt for each glass.

The standard system consists of clear and black primer dispensing systems, a reel-to-reel applicator tool with pneumatic valve pack and a system controller.

  • On-line detection verifies application and volume of primer dispensed.
  • Material recirculation and nitrogen blanket prevent material degradation.
  • Built-in compliance in applicator head
    delivers thicker film build.

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