Spray Valve Controllers

ValveMate™ spray valve controllers provide precise control of nozzle air flow and spray time for the 781S, 784S and 787MS spray valves.

Spray pattern is defined through a combination of fluid pressure, valve stroke and valve open time, with valve open time providing the greatest control over the volume of fluid dispensed.

Fast-acting solenoids, combined with a 0-30 psi nozzle air pressure regulator, provide Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) air to the nozzle for high transfer efficiency without overspray. The result is exceptional spray pattern definition without time-consuming programming or mechanical adjustments that require the production line to be shut down.

  • The ValveMate 8040 Spray Valve Controller is capable of operating up to 2 spray valves and features external solenoids.
  • The ValveMate 7140 Spray Valve Controller is designed for single spray valve applications and features internal solenoids.

Both controllers are simple to set up and operate, and easy to interface with PLCs and other equipment.


  • Independent programmable actuation channels
  • Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) design for high transfer efficiency
  • Cutoff air delay (0 to 2.5 seconds)
  • Nonvolatile, power-off memory
  • Fast-response pneumatic solenoids