MicroMark™ Spray Marking Valve Systems

MicroMark spray marking valve systems can be used to color code similar components, indicate pass/fail, or show production or test status.

MicroMark spray marking valve systems produce uniform round patterns and stripes from 5.0mm to 30.4mm (0.20" to 1.20") wide without clogging or overspray. The valves can be activated manually, or interfaced with other systems to mark at scheduled intervals or whenever a signal is received.

MicroMark™  Spray Marking Valve System (MM781-SYS)

For inks and paints that do not require recirculation. Low-maintenance spray marking valve system produces neat circles and stripes between .2” to 1.2” wide. A programmable air delay after each cycle prevents clogging, which greatly reduces maintenance and downtime.


MicroMark™ Recirculating Spray Marking Valve System (781RC)

Eliminates the clogging, maintenance and downtime encountered with standard marking systems by using a recirculating pump to keep pigments in suspension and a programmable air delay after each cycle to clean the spray nozzle.


  • No clogging, dripping or drying out
  • Keeps pigments in suspension
  • No mist or overspray
  • Consistent mark size and placement

Compatible Fluids

  • Marking inks
  • Marking paints

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