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Engineered for the most demanding mechanical and environmental applications, EFD dispense valve systems provide reliable fluid control dispensing solutions for benchtop applications, machine builders, and cost effective, drop-in retrofit alternatives for automatic production lines.

Diaphragm Dispense Valves
752V Series   Aseptic Dispense   Mini-Diaphragm   High Flow
752V Diaphragm Dispense Valve 754V Aseptic Diaphragm Dispense Valve 702M Mini-Diaphragm Dispense Valve 752HF High Flow Diaphragm Dispense Valve
Needle Dispense Valves Piston Dispense Valves
741V Series   xQR41 MicroDot™   725D Series   High Flow
741V Needle Dispense Valve 741MD MicroDot Needle Valve 725D Piston Dispense Valve 725HF High Flow Piston Valve
Spray Valves
781S Series   Aseptic Spray   MicroSpray™   Radial Spray
781S LVLP Spray Valve 784S Aseptic Spray Valve 787MS MicroSpray Valve 782RA Radial Spray Valve
PICO® Jet   PICO® xMOD™   Square Wave™    
PICO Jet Non-Contact Valve PICO xMOD Non-Contact Vavle 745NC Square Wave Non-Contact Valve  
Other Valves
High Pressure   Auger   Radial Spinner   Handheld
736HPA High Pressure Valve 794 Auger Valve Radial Spinner Valve 752V-HL Handheld Valve

Related Products

Aseptic ValvesAseptic Valves

Nordson EFD aseptic fluid dispensing valves accurately control the application of most low- to medium-viscosity fluids in medical device assembly processes.

Auger ValvesAuger Valves

Nordson EFD auger valve dispenses repeatable amounts of particle-filled materials such as solder pastes and silver epoxies.

High Pressure ValvesHigh Pressure Valves

Nordson EFD's 736HPA-NV high pressure valve is designed to operate at fluid pressures up to 2,500 psi (172 bar) while ensuring consistent dispensing of thick industrial fluids like grease and silicone.

Radial Spinner Valve SystemRadial Spinner Valve System

Nordson EFD’s radial spinner system facilitates dispenses low-viscosity fluids in neat, consistent bands.

Diaphragm ValvesDiaphragm Valves

The Nordson EFD diaphragm valve is ideal for dispensing adhesives, anaerobic threadlockers and other reactive fluids.

High Flow Diaphragm ValvesHigh Flow Diaphragm Valves

The Nordson EFD high-flow dispense valve is specifically designed for precise fluid dispensing of UV-cure adhesives and similar fluids used in media manufacturing.

High-flow Piston ValvesHigh-flow Piston Valves

The Nordson EFD 725HF high-flow piston valve is ideal for filling and potting a wide variety of materials, such as adhesives, creams and cosmetics.

741MD MicroDot™ Valves741MD MicroDot™ Valves

The 741MD Series MicroDot™ needle valve is a pneumatically operated adjustable needle valve designed for extremely precise fluid dispensing.

Mini-diaphragm ValvesMini-diaphragm Valves

The 702 Series mini-diaphragm valve is ideal for applications where space is tight or for installation on movable arms where size and weight must be considered.

Needle ValvesNeedle Valves

The 741V Series valve design applies low viscosity assembly fluids with accurate, extremely close repeat deposit control.

Piston ValvesPiston Valves

The 725D Series piston valve dispenses consistent amounts of low-viscosity fluids, including greases and silicones.

Handheld Dispense Valves

Nordson EFD Relius™ handheld dispense valves provide controlled manual application of adhesives and many other assembly fluids.

General Purpose Spray ValvesGeneral Purpose Spray Valves

The 781S Series Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) spray valve system applies consistent coatings of low- to medium-viscosity fluids exactly where needed.

MicroSpray™ ValvesMicroSpray™ Valves

The LVLP 787MS-SS MicroSpray valve provides fast, controlled application of a wide range of low- to medium-viscosity fluids.

MicroMark™ Spray Marking Valve SystemsMicroMark™ Spray Marking Valve Systems

MicroMark™ spray systems can be used to color code parts, indicate pass/fail or show production/test status.

Radial Spray ValvesRadial Spray Valves

Radial spray valves apply uniform coatings inside cylinders 1" to 12" in diameter.

Aseptic Spray ValvesAseptic Spray Valves

The 784S-SS aseptic spray valve features a fluid flow path that is free of any entrapment areas—a critical consideration in sterile and aseptic fluid applications.

Dispense Valve ControllersDispense Valve Controllers

ValveMate™ controllers provide the primary control of deposit size. They are designed to bring fluid dispensing control close to the dispense valve.

Auger Valve ControllerAuger Valve Controller

The ValveMate™ 7094 controllers are designed for use with 794 Series auger valves, providing time, fluid pressure and speed control.

Radial System ControllerRadial System Controller

Nordson EFD ValveMate™ 7160RA radial system controller provides nozzle air and drive motor on/off control for the 782RA spray valve and 7860C-RS radial spinner system.

Spray Valve ControllersSpray Valve Controllers

ValveMate™ spray valve controllers provide precise fluid control for the 781S, 784S and 787MS spray valves.




Diaphragm Data Sheets
Diaphragm with BackPack
High Flow Diaphragm
Mini-diaphragm 702M
Mini-diaphragm 702V

Needle & Piston Data Sheets

Needle with BackPack
MicroDot xQR41
MicroDot 741MD
High-flow Piston

Spray Valve Data Sheets
General Purpose
Spray Marking 781
Spray Marking 781RC

Non-Contact Data Sheets
Square Wave Non-Contact

Other Data Sheets

High Pressure
Radial Spinner

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