BackPack™ Valve Actuator

The Nordson EFD BackPack™ valve actuator is a compact, fast-acting solenoid that provides faster valve response time and reduces the possibility of variations in shot size due to a fluctuating plant air supply or different air line lengths.

Featuring advanced miniature solenoid technology, the BackPack mounts the solenoid used to open and close the valve on the valve’s air cylinder, rather than on a separate fixture.

This provides the capability to cycle select Nordson EFD valves 2–3 times faster and achieve valve actuation speeds as short as 5-6 milliseconds, and cycle rates that exceed 60 - 80 Hz. (In contrast, typical valve actuation speeds and cycle rates are 15 milliseconds and 400 cycles.)

Faster valve actuation also makes it possible to produce the smaller fluid deposits required in the assembly of many of today’s advanced products.


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