Series 190 Disposable Plastic Spiral Bayonet Mixers

The Series 190 Disposable Plastic Spiral Mixer features a standard Bayonet connection, the Series 190 mixer style is used on 50mL two-component cartridges offered by major adhesive manufacturers. Typical applications include mixing epoxies, mixing urethanes, acrylics, and silicones.

The Series 190 has five diameters available with four outlet styles: Slip Luer, Full Bore, H-Tapered, and Stepped. The Slip Luer is our standard offering. The Full Bore ensures maximum flow with minimal back pressure.

The H-Tapered outlet is offered where precise placement of the adhesive is required. In order to connect Luer Needles or extensions, it is molded with a new interlocking connection. This requires the attachment of a Luer Lok Adapter #7700943 (160-HUB) which must be ordered separately.



  • Elements: Polyplas™
  • Housing: Polypropylene

Series 190 Mixer Accessories

  • Series 190 Dental Mixer Intra-Oral Tips
  • Luer Lok Adapter (Locking Hub)
  • Luer Needles

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