Series 160 Disposable Plastic Spiral Bell Mixer

The nozzle on the Series 160 Spiral Bell Mixer is designed with a "bell" inlet that fit Nordson EFD valve manifolds and large volume cartridges that separately port the A and B materials directly into the mixer.

Cleanup of the plastic spiral bell mixer simply involves removing the bell mixer and wiping the manifold face clean. In the case of the cartridges, because of the divider fin, simply remove the mixer. A metal jacket is recommended if the working pressure inside the nozzle exceeds 150 psi (10 bar) (only used with meter mix valves or manifolds).


  • Dispensing Tips
  • Manifold
  • Night Cap and Ratio Check Cap
  • One-Piece Jacket Pipe Adapter
  • Retaining Nut


  • Element: Polyplas™
  • Housing: Polypropylene

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