Low-temperature solder paste from Nordson EFD

SolderPlusĀ® Dispensing Solder Paste

Our premium dispensing solder paste formulations support a wider array of solder applications than any other solder paste supplier.

Beyond the regular offerings you would expect from any solder dispensing paste supplier, we offer specialized formulations for low-temperature and high-temperature reflow, leaded and lead-free alloys, in all flux types and alloy particle sizes.

Whether you are soldering to stainless steel, assembling a flex circuit or anything in between, EFD makes a dispensing solder paste to meet your soldering needs.

To better assist our customers in finding the right solder pastes for their applications, our solder paste formulations have been broken down into different categories called Families. Each family contains solder paste formulations with the characteristics needed to produce optimal results in specific applications.