Soldering paste from Nordson EFD

Solder Solutions

Nordson EFD solder paste is ISO9001 certified and offers a comprehensive line of quality printing and dispensing soldering pastes.

We specialize in developing solder paste formulations to meet the most stringent application requirements, including:

  • Fine pitch
  • Enhanced wetting
  • Low residue
  • Lead-free shiny fillet
  • Halide-free

Nordson EFD solder paste is also ideal for:

  • Difficult to solder surfaces (ex. Stainless Steel)
  • Extended reflow cycle times (greater than 6 minutes)
  • Gap filling and vertical surfaces
  • Rapid reflow cycle times (less than 5 seconds)
  • UV traceable
  • Pin transfer or dipping formulations

Nordson EFD provides application-based specialized solder products, complete solder paste dispensers and develops supportive technical partnerships with our customers to deliver consistent and reliable solder joints that improve yields and reduce costs in electronics and electro-mechanical assembly processes. The Nordson EFD Solder Paste Group has been honored annually since 2004 with the Circuit Assembly Service Excellence Award for providing superior service and support in the electronics assembly industry.