Polypropylene syringes from Nordson EFD

Syringe Barrels

Optimum precision dispense systems include dispensing syringe barrels, pistons and adapter assemblies.

Follow these guidelines for safe operation.

General Purpose

Clear polymer syringe barrels are manufactured to precise tolerances and certified for industrial use. They are ideal for all assembly fluids except light-sensitive materials.


Nordson EFD light-sensitive syringe barrels protect light sensitive materials to prevent premature curing in the syringe.

UV Block
Amber syringe barrels block UV and visible light wavelengths between 240-550 nm, while allowing fluid level to be monitored.

Light Block
Opaque black syringe barrels provide complete protection for light-sensitive fluids.


High conductivity and low carbon black loading make these syringe barrels ideal for dispensing adhesives, epoxies and other fluids in electronics, disk drive and SMT production processes.

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Optimum pistons feature unique channels that prevent air entrapment and precision wiping edges that eliminate waste as fluid is dispensed.

End Caps & Tip CapsEnd Caps & Tip Caps

Optimum tip caps and end caps provide an airtight seal that simplifies prefilling and preserves unused material.

Adapter AssembliesAdapter Assemblies

Lightweight adapters are designed for fast, secure attachment to Optimum® syringe barrels. Slots and tabs lock the adapter securely in place.