Optimum® pistons feature unique channels that prevent air entrapment, a smooth profile radius to reduce fluid shear, and precision wiping edges that clean the syringe interior as fluid is dispensed to eliminate waste and residue.

Pistons are inserted into the syringe barrel after it has been loaded with fluid to ensure uniform dispensing force and prevent dripping and oozing between shots.

Optimum pistons are precision molded in six different styles to satisfy a wide range of dispensing requirements:

White (General purpose)
For use with most fluids.

Blue (Barrier)
For use with cyanoacrylates and low viscosity fluids.

Beige (Loose fit)
For use with fluids that contain trapped air.

Orange (Flat wall)
For use with stringy fluids that contain trapped air.

Red (Tight fit)
For use with mechanical dispensing equipment.

Clear (Flex)
For use with thick materials to reduce piston bounce.

Follow these guidelines for safe operation.

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