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Optimum® Components

Nordson EFD’s Optimum syringe barrels and cartridge systems set the standard for quality, consistency and reliability within the fluid dispensing industry. Each patented Optimum dispensing component has been designed as part of a complete, integrated system that improves yields and reduces costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable results possible.

We used Computational Fluid Dynamics software to develop Optimum component designs that provide smooth fluid dispensing without turbulence or air entrapment. We then molded EFD's components from materials that provide superior strength, exceptional clarity and chemical compatibility with a wide variety of assembly fluids, ranging from adhesive dispensing to non-contact dispensing.

Follow these guidelines for safe operation.

Syringe Barrel Systems
Syringe Barrels   Pistons   Adapters   End Caps & Tip Caps
Optimum Syringe Barrel Optimum Syringe Barrel Piston Optimum Syringe Adapter Assemblies Optimum Syringe End Caps and Tip Caps
Cartridge Systems
Cartridges   Pistons   Retainers   End Caps & Outlet Caps
Optimum Cartridge Systems Optimum Cartridge Piston Optimum Cartridge Retainers Optimum Cartridge End Cap
Filling Systems
Atlas™ Cartridge   Atlas™ Syringe Barrels        
Atlas Cartridge Filling System Atlas Syringe Barrel Filling System    

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