Optimum® cartridges are molded from a proprietary FDA- and RoHS-compliant polymer that provides exceptional clarity, chemical compatibility and dimensional stability when dispensing fluids.

The new design features Zero Draft™ internal walls, improved fluid flow characteristics and reduced turbulence. External ribs at the outlet end prevent splitting when installing fittings or nozzles.

The 1/4" NPT outlet has precision molded threads and a tapered counterbore for a secure, leakproof seal. A molded hex around the outlet fits into a matching orifice on the cartridge retainer to permit fast, tool-free installation of fittings and nozzles.

Optimum cartridges are available in clear, UV-blocking amber, light-blocking black, and green configurations. Capacities include 2.5 oz (75ml), 6 oz (180ml), 12 oz (360ml), 20 oz (600ml) and 32 oz (960ml).

Note: Optimum cartridges are backward-compatible with most retainers on the market today

Follow these guidelines for safe operation.

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