Ultra® to Optimum™ Conversion FAQ

Will there be Optimum versions of the grey Buna rubber and black Neoprene rubber pistons?
Yes. We are designing Optimum versions of these pistons now, and they should be released in the fall of 2010. In the meantime, we will continue to support customers who use the black and grey rubber pistons with Ultra products until the Optimum products are ready.

Are the blue barrier (LV) pistons going to be offered in an Optimum version?
Yes, and they will be ready on June 1, 2009. We will offer 3cc & 10cc sizes like before, and will also offer a new 30/55cc piston.

Will the new blue barrier Optimum pistons work with Ultra barrels?
Yes. If you have any Ultra barrels left, the new blue barrier Optimum pistons can be used with them.

Will the Ultra tip caps be made obsolete?
No. We will continue to offer the Ultra style tip caps for use with dispense valves.

Will I have to adjust my filling process when I switch from Ultra to Optimum syringe barrels?
In general, yes. Optimum barrels can accommodate lower fluid filling pressures. However, depending on the nature of the fluid, an initial increase in back pressure on the piston may be needed to submerge the piston in the fluid being filled. Their internal geometry also increases laminar flow, allowing them to be filled up to 14% faster than Ultra syringe barrels.

Will I have to adjust my dispensing process when I switch from Ultra to Optimum syringe barrels?
In general, yes. Optimum syringe barrels require less pressure to do the same work. Dispensing pressure may need to be slightly reduced to maintain the same size deposits.

Are Optimum syringe barrels made of the same material as Ultra syringe barrels?
Both are molded from 100% virgin polypropylene and both have the same chemical compatibility. However, he Optimum material has several enhancements to make it more clear and yield a better surface finish. For more details: New Component Material Compatibility.

Can Ultra adapters be used with Optimum syringe barrels?
Yes. All Ultra adapters, in all colors (yellow, orange and gray) and all sizes (3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 30/55cc) can be used with all Optimum syringe barrels.