Spray lubrication system from Nordson EFD

MicroCoat® Lubrication Systems

MicroCoat lubrication systems are a different type of stock spray lubrication system commonly referred to as non-contact lubrication systems. They help metal stampers apply the perfect amount of oil for each job. With the MicroCoat lubrication system, you can apply a fine, consistent film of oil that provides complete coverage and benefit from the cost savings of reduced oil use.


  • 60% to 90% oil savings
  • Increased strokes between tool sharpenings
  • More process control
  • Cleaner, fog-free environment
  • Reduced slug pulling
  • Elimination of waste disposal cost

Common Applications

  • Tube forming
  • Fine blanking
  • Rust prevention
  • Can end pull tabs
  • Cooling fin forming
  • Foil rolling
  • Coil stock slitting
  • Valve/wire coating
  • Blank stock coating