Rhino™ Bulk Unloaders

Rhino™ Bulk Unloaders

Nordson EFD Rhino™ Bulk Unloaders are designed to dispense adhesives that are high-viscosity, and at ambient-temperature making them thicker and heavier.

These durable bulk unloaders provide superior flow properties and ease of operation when dispensing high-viscosity adhesive and sealant materials.

Package includes one Rhino pump assembly with output fittings sized for a 3/8" high pressure hose. Fittings are JIC, 37 degrees with 9/16-18 threads. Also included are one mastic regulator assembly with input and output fittings, fluid pressure gauge, air regulator and gauge for air diaphragm.


  • Works with Nordson EFD high pressure valves
  • Large internal passages for greater efficiency
  • Fast air motor changeovers for uniform output
  • Oil-less air motor