Positive Displacement Dispensers

The Ultimus™ IV Dispensing System brings positive displacement technology to applications that require precise meter mixing of assembly fluids that change viscosity or where a specific flow rate is necessary.

Compressed air is not required—instead, these electrically operated positive displacement units use stepper motors and patented technology to advance and retract a piston inside the syringe barrel.

The operator uses a menu-driven touch pad to set deposit volume (as small as 0.1 microliter), flow rate and other specific criteria. After initial setup, there is no need to recalibrate or reset the positive displacement fluid dispenser due to changes in fluid viscosity or reservoir volume.


  • Higher productivity and first-pass yields
  • Greater process control
  • Better product quality, reliability and appearance
  • Less rework and fewer rejects
  • No waste or mess
  • Simplified training for new workers


  • 7017178 For 3cc syringe barrels
  • 7017181 For 5cc syringe barrels
  • 7017177 For 10cc syringe barrels
  • 7017179 For 30cc syringe barrels

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