Fluid dispensers from Nordson EFD

Precision Fluid Dispensers

Nordson EFD precision fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the squeeze bottles, swabs and hand syringes often used in manual assembly processes.

Nordson EFD offers a wide range of fluid dispensing equipment that can help you dispense glue and virtually any other assembly fluid with precision – from thin solvents to thick silicones and brazing pastes – quickly, accurately, and with no waste or hand fatigue.

Types of Fluid Dispensers

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Performus™ Series DispensersPerformus™ Series Dispensers

Performus fluid dispensers use air pressure and microprocessor-based timers to produce consistent deposits of virtually any fluid – from thin adhesives to thick brazing pastes.

Ultimus™ V High Precision DispenserUltimus™ V High Precision Dispenser

The Ultimus™ V High-Precision Dispenser increases productivity in critical assembly processes with fluids that change viscosity.