Nordson EFD dispensing accessories are optimized for high-precision piezoelectric valves to provide outstanding process stability. This ensures the maximum performance of our micro-dispensing valves.

Precision Dispensing Tips

Nordson EFD precision dispensing tips are manufactured from one piece of high-quality stainless steel, which helps to maximize mechanical strength and positioning accuracy. Tapered needles prevent trapped air and dripping. Dispensing tips are offered with standard inner diameters of 200μm and 400μm. Application-specific tips with inner diameters down to 50μm are also available, along with tips that have an external PTFE-coating for better drop release.

Precision dispensing tips
Multi-nozzle Heads / Multi-needle Heads
For contactless and contact dispensing

Multi nozzle heads are constructed for each application. Nozzle diameters greater than or equal to 50μm are possible. Also available with special surface coatings to prevent wetting the exterior of the multinozzle.

Multi Nozzle Heads / Multi Needle Heads
Jet Cleaning Station

For automatic nozzle cleaning of jet valves. Removes fluid residue at the nozzle, and optimizes positioning accuracy and start-up after machine downtime. For use with all jet valves .

Cleaning Station Jet
PICO Tank Load Cell

Load cell up to 30kg for the most accurate level control. Can be used with most PICO Tank fluid supplies. Includes interface electronics for PLC.