Wire Pull

Wire pull is a long established technique for testing the integrity of wire bond interconnects within microelectronic packages. Nordson DAGE has been at the forefront of such testing since its inception.

Although gold wire bonding is a mature technology with highly refined processes, bonds still need to be tested, and Nordson DAGE bondtesters provide systems and accessories suitable for every type of wire pull application.

The principle behind basic wire bond testing is positioning of a hook underneath the wire and pulling in the Z axis either until the bond breaks (destructive testing) or a predefined force is reached (non-destructive testing). Wire bond testing is covered by the external standard MIL-STD-883 (Methods 2011.7 for destructive testing and 2023.5 for non-destructive). Nordson DAGE bondtesters fully conform to or exceed these standards. The standards contain specifications for acceptance or rejection criteria.

Small geometry (Ultra Fine Pitch) applications are becoming more and more popular and as such Nordson DAGE offer equipment optimized specifically for this function.

Wire pull tests can be performed manually or semi-automatically to a pre programmed test routine.

Copper wire testing requires a slightly different test methodology (please see First Bond Ball Pull).

Pull angle modeling is also available with DVS2811 software.