Die Shear

Nordson DAGE bondtesters cater for the range of die shear testing requirements from traditional die shear, high force die shear and low profile die shear.

Traditional die shear testing
Die shear testing (up to 200kg) is performed in accordance with MIL STD 883.  The die shear methodology involves the accurate landing of the loadtool and stepback height positioning.

High force die shear testing
Nordson DAGE can cater for high force die shear testing (forces above 200kg) which is emerging as a new application by simply upgrading the test fixture. Please consult factory for further details.

Low profile die shear testing
Low profile die shear testing is required when the die under test are very thin and their height profile is low relative to the surface that they are bonded to.  A relatively high force die shear loadcartridge combined with high precision shear height accuracy and a self aligning loadtool are critical.