Ball Shear / Solder Ball Shear

Nordson DAGE bondtesters provide ball shear and solder ball shear testing (up to 5kg) performed in accordance with; solder ball shear - JEDEC JESD22-B117A and wire bond ball shear - JEDEC JESD22-B116 and ASTM F1269.

The ball shear test methodology involves the precision alignment of the loadtool to the bond using both optics and joystick control of an XY stage or optics combined with a borescope imaging system (similar to an endoscope).  This projects the image of the sample being tested onto an LCD display enabling the operator to easily align the loadtool to the ball bond and more accurately assign a failure mode grade.

Shear height is absolutely critical and therefore ball shear testing requires automatic touchdown of the loadtool on the die surface and very high precision stepback in Z.  Nordson DAGE bondtesters achieve this by using a patented loadcartridge clamping system.  Exceptional stepback accuracy ensures that every ball bond is sheared at the same height relative to the surface that it is bonded on.