As semiconductor technology evolves, packages are becoming increasingly complex as well as significantly smaller in size. These two aspects represent new challenges for the handling and testing of semiconductors. Nordson DAGE has extensive experience working within the semiconductor industry and as a result has a wide range of advanced test equipment, including automated solutions, to cater for the specialized techniques required for the testing of semiconductors.

The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT100CT is the ultimate system for non-destructive semiconductor inspection. With its ability to see features of 100 nanometres combined with fast and high resolution CT, it is regarded as the industry standard for this application. No other inspection system, readily available, has the ability to see features this small. This means that filled vias and other minute features are easily visible to the operator.

Featured Products

Computerised Tomography

The u-CT inspection option provides Computerised Tomography (CT) functionality to compliment the 2D X-ray investigations available on Dage X-ray inspection systems.  The Dage u-CT option uses the acknowledged superior, sub-micron feature recognition 2D X-ray images, that Dage X-ray systems always provide, to produce the best CT models for 3D sample analysis, virtual micro-sectioning and internal dimensional measurements for, amongst others, crack, void and reverse engineering applications. Using the Dage -CT option will help to reduce the number of time-consuming micro-section analyses that are needed and / or assist in identifying on where micro-section preparation and investigation must concentrate. 


5000 Fine Geometry Bondtester

Specifically designed to cater for fine geometry testing, required as a result of the reduction in wire bonding geometries and the development of stacked die configurations, the Nordson DAGE 5000 bondtester meets the challenge of testing at pitches of less than 35 micron which is not possible with traditional bondtesters.