Power Devices

Power devices are structured to accommodate high currents as well as effectively dissipate heat caused by the power throughput. The thicker wires within a power device result in larger geometries compared to traditional bond testing applications, testing is therefore required to be performed at greater loads.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters cater for the challenging test applications presented by power devices including a range of specialized fixtures to cater for the heat sink attached to the device.

The Nordson DAGE XD7500NT950HP is the ideal machine for inspecting these type of devices. The 10 watts of power easily copes with the thick tracks, heat sinks and other challenges of this technology.

Featured Products


Featuring the all new XiDAT 3 detector and the award winning 3rd generation micro-focus Nordson DAGE NT tube. The system also benefits from passive vibration isolation, easy to use point and click software, 70 degree oblique views for 360 degrees around any point in the entire inspection area. Its 10 watts of power are well able to cope with demanding applications including metal cored boards and copper backed BGA's. These unique features make the system ideally placed for PCB applications.


4000 MultipurposeTester

The industry standard 4000 bondtester is multipurpose, capable of performing all pull and shear applications. The system can be configured as a simple wire pull tester and upgraded to provide ball shear, die shear, bump pull, vectored-pull, or tweezer pull tests.