Medical Devices

Being able to verify the performance of a medical device, as well as ensure that it meets the required quality standards and regulations, is of paramount importance in order to eliminate the risk to the patient. Both hybrid microcircuit technology and semiconductor packages are commonly utilized within medical devices.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters enable both destructive and 100% nondestructive test evaluation to be performed in a repeatable manner for both the development of new devices and in the production line.

Medical devices and medical electronic systems are key areas where reliability is paramount. For this reason the Nordson DAGE X-ray system which gives high resolution, high magnification images is an ideal tool for non-destructive inspection.

Featured Products

XD7600NT100HP X-ray System

Nordson DAGE's Flagship system. Featuring the all new XiDAT 3 detector and the award winning 3rd generation nano-focus Nordson DAGE NT tube. The system also benefits from active X-ray image stabilisation, easy to use point and click software and 70 degree oblique angle views for 360 degrees around any point in the entire inspection area.


4000 MultipurposeTester

The industry standard 4000 bondtester is multipurpose, capable of performing all pull and shear applications. The system can be configured as a simple wire pull tester and upgraded to provide ball shear, die shear, bump pull, vectored-pull, or tweezer pull tests.