Vision Systems

Nordson DAGE offers a range of optical solutions for bondtesting and micro materials testing, featuring imaging systems for failure mode analysis, alignment and live recording of tests.

Image Capture System
The image capture system provides high resolution images for failure mode analysis and fiducial alignment. Its close proximity to the tool maximizes throughput, particularly for automated tests.

The camera has a built-in light source to provide optimal illumination and fine focus is achieved using the precise movement capabilities of the 4000Plus test platform. A wide range of objective lenses ensure that the optimal resolution and depth of field can be achieved with magnifications up to 1500x.
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Borescope Imaging System
The borescope provides high magnification imaging, ideal for precise tool alignment. Based on medical endoscope technology, it is perfect for ultra fine pitch devices such as fine wire bonds or very small geometries such as micro bumps and copper pillars.

The borescope contains its own light source and can be positioned in and out of the viewing position using its precision slide with constant focus on the test sample.
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Trinocular Camera
The trinocular camera can be attached to any stereo zoommicroscope with a C-mount.

With an appropriate microscope, the field of view can be adjusted from wide to close up and is ideally suited for macro positioning. Used in conjunction with the side alignment camera, the two views (front and side) enable precise tool alignment, particularly for small, delicate or difficult samples.

Side Alignment Camera
The side view camera is ideal for testing micro features such as copper pillars, micro bumps and TSVs. The system enables a secondary view point of feature to be tested, providing accurateand repeatable tests.

The side alignment camera is attached to the cartridge mount, giving ultra stable, vibration free, imaging with constant focus on the tool tip. All camera systems use a USB connection and can be field retrofitted.