S-910/920/930 Operations & Programming

Spectrum S-900 Series Operations (S-910, S-920, S-922 & S-930)

Number Name Duration Max Class Size
7216697 Spectrum S-900 Series Operations and Programming 3 Days 6


Target Audience

Designed to train the day-to-day shift operators and equipment users as well as the process developer whose responsibilities include creating and managing programs on the S-910 thru S-930 dispense systems.

Course Description

The S-900 series Operations & Programming Course offers an introduction to the Spectrum Dispense Systems configuration & theory of operation. Students will learn to identify features and safety hazards, operate the system and set it up it for production use. Students will also recieve explanation of the commands, operations, and features in FmXP/FmNT. The training includes hands-on trianing where students create, edit, and run then their own created programs on real Asymtek dispense sytems. and run programs, perform operator level preventative maintenance and very basic troubleshooting.

 Training Guide Table of Contents

Equipment Covered

  • S-910
  • S-920
  • S-922
  • S-930

Course Prerequisites


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