S-910/920/930 Maintenance

Spectrum S-900 Series Maintenance (S-910, S-920, S-922 & S-930)

Number Name Duration Max Class Size
7216700 Spectrum S-900 Series Maintenance 4 Days 6


Target Audience

Designed to train the support engineers or technicians who are responsible for equipment troubleshooting and maintenance.

Course Description

The S-920 Maintenance course provides and indepth look at the Dispensing System theory of operations, exploring the function and inteconnection of each subsystem. Students will recieve hands-on instruction to perform maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, and learn how to replace S-920 system components facsilitating it's repair and return to full functionality. 

Training Guide Table of Contents

Equipment Covered

  • S-910
  • S-920
  • S-922
  • S-930
Course Prerequisites
7216697 Spectrum S-900 Series Operations

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