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Find a Part

The Findapart Search Tool offers a quick and easy exploded view diagram showing all the parts of a valve or other assembly. This is the ideal way to identify the part number for spare or replacement parts.

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Flip Chip Calculator

The Flip Chip Calculator offers a quick and easy way to determine the volume of underfill necessary to optimize flip chip in package and flip chip on board dispensing processes.

To utilize the application, the user simply inputs parameters including die proportions, fillet width and solder bump profiles, then selects a specific underfill material from the list of industry-standard fluids in the program.

The software analyzes these user-defined profiles and calculates the appropriate underfill volume.

Download - NOTE: This is only runs on 32-bit systems at the moment. Will not run on 64-bit systems.

Flip Chip Calculator (5.3 MB)

Dam and Fill Analyzer

The Dam and Fill Analyzer provides a quick and easy way to formulate the optimal dispense parameters for any dam and cavity fill dispensing application.

The Dam and Fill Analyzer uses volume tolerance formulas to calculate recommended dam line weight, flow rate and width, along with the recommended cavity fill material to dispense. Detailed explanations of material data concerns, process control tips and die package specifications provide a clear understanding of the process and tolerances involved in IC encapsulation.

To utilize the analyzer, the user simply inputs dispense profile data. Key profile dimensions include height of wire bonds, dimensions of cavity volume and solder ball height. With this information, the analyzer quickly computes the ideal dispense parameters for the user's package and ensures maximum utilization of cavity fill material. The dispense profile data and analyzer calculations can be saved to files.

Download - NOTE: This is only runs on 32-bit systems at the moment. Will not run on 64-bit systems.

Dam and Fill Analyzer (4.3 MB)

Cost of Ownership Calculator

The cost of ownership calculator (PPT in a .zip file) allows you to estimate the cost of production per part over the lifetime of the dispensing equipment using the SEMI E35(1) guidelines.


Cost of Ownership Calculator (800 KB)