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How Do Fluid Dispensing

Systems Need to Adapt?

Fluid dispensing systems and the packaging assembly process are evolving to address the challenges that system-in-package and MEMS packages face, especially in regard to tight geometries and assembly processes.


Underfilling Using

Continuous Path Motion


New device configurations change the amount of fluid needed for underfill and the dispensing techniques for depositing it. Using a continuous motion avoids backtracking and improves units per hour by 27%.

Sealing Dispensing for

MEMS Wafer Capping

Wafer capping MEMS devices presents challenges and specific requirements for dispensing sealant, volumetric accuracy, and motion systems that can be met with the correct dispensing equipment and methods.


Process Improvements in

Fluid Dispensing

Speed and throughput have increased exponentially over the years, yet are still factors challenging the exisiting dispensing systems as fast never seems to be fast enough. Increasing throughput involves more than just speeding up the actual act of dispensing.