Semiconductor Equipment from Nordson ASYMTEK

Semiconductor Packaging

Nordson ASYMTEK’s products enable precision dispensing processes used in Semiconductor Packaging for Flip Chips, Wafer level packages, Package on Package (PoP’s), System in Package (SiP’s) and 3D package assemblies and many other types of Semiconductor Packaging.

Featured Semiconductor Packaging

Thermal Compounds from Nordson ASYMTEK
Thermal Compounds

Specialize in dispensing high viscous and wear compounds.

Non-Conductive Paste (NCP) and No Flow Underfill

High speed jetting for enhanced no-flow deposition pattern dispensing.

Lid Seal from Nordson ASYMTEK
Lid Seal

Dispensing is used to create a seal of material into which a lid is placed.

Die Attach Dispensing from Nordson ASYMTEK
Die Attach Dispensing

Jet dispensing of die bonding paste is much faster than conventional needle dispensing. Patterns of the past can be dispensed that cannot be achieved with a needle dispenser.

Chip Encapsulation and Cavity Fill from Nordson ASYMTEK
Chip Encapsulation and Cavity Fill

Simple, inexpensive method of protecting a chip or die and wirebonds.

Dam and Fill Dispensing from Nordson ASYMTEK
Dam and Fill Dispensing

A method of encapsulating wire bonds and die that results in a flat top finish for printing.

BGA Solder Ball Reinforcement from Nordson ASYMTEK
BGA Solder Ball Reinforcement

Simple method to improve solderball reliability by applying a polymer around the balls prior to assembly.

Selective Flux Jetting from Nordson ASYMTEK
Selective Flux Jetting

Fast deposition of flux coatings in the micron range, with good edge coating.

Underfill for Electronic Component Assembly from Nordson ASYMTEK
Underfill for Electronic Component Assembly

Non-contact jet dispensing is ideal to underfill flip chip packages. With Mass Flow Calibration (MFC), Nordson Asymtek's dispensing systems automatically manage the critical processes related to underfilling.