PCB Assembly Equipment from Nordson ASYMTEK

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK offers precise dispensing, jetting and conformal coating solutions to meet the many demands of printed circuit board assembly. Learn more about specific applications by clicking a link to the left or below

Featured SMT and PCB Assembly

Conformal Coating from Nordson ASYMTEK
Conformal Coating

Flexible, integrated coating and curing systems, with choice of applicators, provide precise coating with process controls and traceability. The result is cost savings, increased throughput and productivity.

Solder Mask Dispensing from Nordson ASYMTEK
Solder Mask Dispensing

Solder mask dispensing is a cost-effective alternative in high-mix, low-volume environments. Nordson ASYMTEK systems adapt to changing requirements, such as masking leads in a single dispense pass or masking multiple boards at the same time.

Package on Package (PoP)
Package on Package (PoP)

Jetting underfill for PoP devices ensures high UPH with small wet-out zones and enables simultaneous underfill of top & bottom packages.

Embedded Assemblies

By embedding actives and passives beneath the surface of a PCB, more functionality can be added without increased PCB size. Nordson ASYMTEK offers dispensing solutions for many embedded assembly applications

No-Flow Underfill Board Level

No-flow underfill fluids can be dispensed with traditional needle dispensing but also jetted using our award-winning DispenseJet valve with patented co-axial air assist.

Corner and Edge Bonding from Nordson ASYMTEK
Corner and Edge Bonding

Corner and edge bonding are being used as an alternative to underfill to add mechanical strength and reliability to BGAs and similar chip-scale packages (CSPs). Nordson ASYMTEK offers techniques for dispensing fluids for corner bonding

Conductive Adhesives from Nordson ASYMTEK
Conductive Adhesives

Using Asymtek’s dispensing systems to jet electrically conductive epoxy-based fluids will enhance the speed of die placement equipment. The exceptional accuracy delivers significant cost-of-material savings.

Selective Flux Jetting from Nordson ASYMTEK
Selective Flux Jetting

As technologies like flip chip and CSP migrate into high-volume production, sustainable throughput and consistent quality are critical factors. The efficient application of flux in precise, thin patterns is crucial to maximizing throughput and quality

Solder Paste Dispensing from Nordson ASYMTEK
Solder Paste Dispensing

A wide selection of solder paste materials can be dispensed with Nordson ASYMTEK’s field-proven dispensers and valves.

Surface Mount Adhesive from Nordson ASYMTEK
Surface Mount Adhesive

Jetting surface mount adhesive offers advantages over traditional techniques. Many PCB designs demand higher speeds and greater accuracy than traditional time/pressure dispensing systems and more flexibility than screen printing.

CSP and BGA Underfill from Nordson ASYMTEK
CSP and BGA Underfill

Nordson ASYMTEK's non-contact jetting systems are ideal for underfill dispensing with precision fluid placement and patented Control Process Jetting (CPJ) to manage dispensed fluid volume.