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Unique requirements for medical electronics such as higher density, traceability, and RF shielding are met with Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing equipment for underfill, conformal coating, and dam and fill, and more

Nordson ASYMTEK provides medical device manufacturers with reliability-proven assembly techniques such as underfill, conformal coating, and dam and fill, all with the process controls to deliver highly accurate dispensing solutions. Many medical devices have become lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller for minimizing patients’ burdens and improving their quality of life. As a result, medical electronics along with PCBs, semiconductors and passive components have shrunk in size, and their density has increased significantly. Asymtek offers solutions for medical device electronics assembly with dispensing technologies for high density assembly:

  • Underfill jet dispensing in tighter component pitch, where a needle can’t fit
  • Underfill jet dispensing avoids conflicts, where components of different heights are placed close together. 
  • Find out more about Nordson ASYMTEK’s underfill dispensing products.

Radio frequency (RF) communications between medical devices have been common for ease of data collection. And communication distance tends to expand for further convenience, resulting in stronger RF signals. These RF communication sections including transceivers, encoder and antenna are to be isolated with shield for preventing other components from false triggering. Dam and fill with shielding fluids is a typical shielding method for RF sections on board. Asymtek offers dam and filling operations with two valves on a platform for the embedded RF communications.  Find out more on the Dam and Fill Solutions page.

Reliability, obviously, is the top priority in the manufacturing of medical devices.  Conformal coating is one of the best ways to make sure electronics remain reliable. Asymtek is one of the top suppliers for conformal coating systems.  Find out more on the Conformal Coating Solutions page.

Reliability also demands traceability. Traceability includes identifying dispensed material amounts from a board’s serial number. Nordson ASYMTEK offers in-line “Calibrated Process Jetting” (CPJ) for traceability, as part of our Fluidmove for Windows software.

Because of reliability requirements, the intensive qualification process for components and assembly equipment is very common for medical devices. Asymtek products have already been qualified by many international medical giants for manufacturing medical electronic devices.

The specific medical devices that Asymtek dispensing systems are being used to manufacture include:

  • Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM)
  • Defibrillation
  • Hearing aid
  • Digital imaging
  • Cardiography equipment
  • Vision care products

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“Jetting technology, ease of programming, excellent customer support [are why we picked Asymtek]. Both Field Service and Applications have been very helpful in developing and assisting with underfill dispense applications & issues...I also feel you are very efficient for creating quotes and sending parts when needed. Please keep posting up to date articles on your site, especially for underfill!”
--Cardiac rhythm management company, USA