Medical Device Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK provides medical device manufacturers with precise fluid assembly solutions such as shroud bonding, cap bonding, lid sealing, encapsulation, gasketing and connecting parts

Medical device assembly using fluids includes shroud bonding, cap bonding, lid sealing, encapsulation, gasketing, connecting parts and others. These techniques have different requirements such as jet/needle, dispensing angle, dispensing speed and unique camera angle, while having common requirements like consistency, accuracy, linearity, adjustability, volume production capability and minimizing contamination.

Various medical devices are produced using Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing equipment including:

  • Glucose measuring devices (diabetes)
  • Catheters (coils)
  • Drug vaporizers (Inhaler)
  • Endoscopy
  • Implantable hearing aids
  • Implantable ophthalmology lens
  • Implantable tools for angioplasty
  • Pacemakers
  • Suture needles

One example includes the production of catheters (coils) for neurovascular catheters where Nordson ASYMTEK’s DispenseJet DJ-9000 with the Axiom X-1020 were used successfully.


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“We chose Asymtek because of the jet valve, weight calibration and the user friendly software interface. The valves are really good quality and with the software you can exactly affect the process.”
--Injection systems company, Europe

“The operator interface and ease of programming made us choose Asymtek. Self calibration was also a deciding factor. Tech service and your sales group are the best I have ever worked with!”
--Orthodontics equipment company, USA