Sealant Jetting

Sealant dispensing that delivers consistent height and sharp corners prior to lamination can be achieved with Nordson ASYMTEK fluid dispensers

Jetting is a paradigm shift in dispensing technology. Fluid is ejected at high speed out of a nozzle rather than pushed slowly through a needle.  Jetting enables:

  • Faster dispensing
  • Dispensing into smaller spaces
  • Gentle dispensing
  • Height insensitive dispensing

Nordson ASYMTEK addresses other requirements for sealing lines for FPD assembly.

  • Consistent 80-120um height before laminating for ease of lamination process: higher tends to be better for preventing filling material such as LC from overflow. 
  • As sharp a sealing corner as possible for less dead space.
  • Nordson ASYMTEK solutions include 6% higher height and 30% better consistency than needle.