Thermal Interface Material Dispensing

Nordson ASYMTEK's automated fluid dispensers and systems are ideal for the production and assembly of Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) cells. An important part of these cells are thermal interface interface materials (TIM) for cell heat dissipation. Nordson ASYMTEK offers a range of products to meet these needs.

CPV focuses up to 1,000 times the light on a 10 x10 mm2 PV cell area with optics, so the cell requires significant heat dissipation with a big heat-sink. Thus it is critical that the thermal interface material between the cell and heat-sink is tightly and uniformly dispensed.

CPV cost competency against other PV technologies depends on efficiency of light concentrating with inexpensive optics. Precise optics assembly with tight tolerance adhesive dispensing, coating and sealing thus is required to make sure the cost advantage.

 Nordson ASYMTEK's automated dispensing systems deliver fluids precisely within restricted assemblies with tight tolerances  Our patented Mass Flow Calibration – or MFC – ensures that there is no messy assembly.


  • Dispensing thermal interface materials (TIM) for cell heat dissipation
  • Dispensing adhesive, sealing, encapsulating and coating on optics

Nordson ASYMTEK contributions to CPV

  • Consistent automated dispensing for restricted assembly
  • Calibrated fluid amount—MFC—for no messy assembly