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Flip Chip Underfill

With Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) technology, Nordson ASYMTEK’s dispensing systems automatically manage the critical processes for underfill weight consistency making them ideal for the flip chip underfill process.

Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems are world-renowned for flip chip underfill. From the early days of underfill dispensing with linear pumps to high-speed jet dispensing, Nordson ASYMTEK has been on the leading edge of technology development, building the highest quality products to address customers’ evolving needs in cost of ownership, ease of use, and challenging applications for the semiconductor and PCB assembly industry.

The application of flip chip technologies has grown beyond their roots in traditional microprocessing units (MPUs) and chipsets. As die layouts on production packages grow tighter, the underfill keep out zone (KOZ) between dies becomes smaller and smaller. This trend requires higher and higher accuracy of underfill dispensing to place underfill fluids closer to die edges. Nordson Asymtek is continuously addressing these challenges with new technologies and products, such as the new Spectrum™ II platform.

Nordson ASYMTEK has a wide range of options from small bench top prototyping systems to inline, high-productivity dispensing platforms to meet the full range of users' needs for high speed, precision underfill equipment.

Features such as our Fids-on-the-Fly technology or Continuous Path Motion software offer significant time savings in high volume production to drive down cost of ownership. Additionally, Dual Simultaneous valve dispensing further increases platform productivity for a fraction of the cost of buying a second system.

Nordson ASYMTEK also offers solutions for second-level underfill for CSPs, BGAs, or PoPs, as well as no-flow underfill and jetting encapsulation technologies.

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