Underfill for Electronic Component Assembly from Nordson ASYMTEK

Underfill for Electronic Component Assembly

Non-contact jet dispensing is ideal to underfill flip chip packages. With Mass Flow Calibration (MFC), Nordson Asymtek's dispensing systems automatically manage the critical processes related to underfilling

Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems are used to underfill more flip chip packages in the world than any other dispensing system supplier. From the early days of underfill dispensing with linear pumps to high speed jet dispensing, Nordson ASYMTEK has been on the leading edge of technology development to make the user's job easier.

Nordson ASYMTEK has a full range of options from small prototype to inline high-speed dispensing systems to meet all users' needs for high speed, precision underfill requirements.

Ask us about fids on the fly, range finding or one of the many other time saving features Nordson ASYMTEK can provide for demanding situations.

Nordson ASYMTEK also offers solutions for second-level underfill for CSPs, BGAs, or PoPs, as well as no-flow underfill and jetting encapsulation technologies.


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