3D Packaging

Adhesive application for PoP, stacked and TSV packages

3D Packaging is a hot subject right now in the microelectronics packaging world. Because there are limited standards in this segment of the industry, each manufacturer has their own method of accomplishing a stacked structure. 3D or stacked packaging typically falls into three categories of stacked die with wirebond interconnects, stacked packages or Package-on- Package (PoP), and stacked silicon devices with Through Silicon Vias (TSVs).

Nordson ASYMTEK has worked with stacked die applications, such as those made by Vertical Circuits where a small, narrow line of conductive materials is dispensed on the stack to form an electrical connection between die and a package substrate.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s customers are building Package-on-Package (PoP) devices and using jet technology to underfill multiple die layers in the stack.

Nordson ASYMTEK is also working closely with stacked devices on several silicon die stacking projects. If you need adhesive application as part of your 3D assembly, contact Nordson ASYMTEK.

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