Selective Flux Jetting from Nordson ASYMTEK

Selective Flux Jetting

As technologies like flip chip and CSP migrate into high-volume production, sustainable throughput and consistent quality are critical factors for success. The efficient application of flux in precise, thin patterns is crucial to maximizing both throughput and quality

Selective flux jetting can improve throughput by as much as 30 percent, simultaneously optimizing underfill reliability, production throughput and equipment utilization.

Through its pioneering development of robust production-oriented underfill processes, Nordson ASYMTEK identified this critical link between flux application and underfill quality. As bump sizes decrease, it is more difficult to control dipping operations to consistently deliver smaller amounts of flux. Too much flux, excessive flux residue, or inconsistent flux application significantly degrade the ability of the underfill encapsulant to uniformly adhere to all surfaces beneath the chip. This increases the risk of voids in the underfill, delamination between part and substrate, and ultimately, a reduction in product reliability.

Nordson ASYMTEK has responded to these challenges with the development of new, production-oriented flux jet dispensing processes. Selective flux jetting provides a high-speed, highly adaptable process for flux dispensing in virtually any pattern. The coaxial air technology ensures consistent ultra-thin flux film builds by following the jetted flux with a pulse of air.

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