CSP and BGA Underfill from Nordson ASYMTEK

CSP and BGA Underfill

Underfill dispensing to Ball Grid Array and Chip-Scale Packages has been shown to improve package reliability. Nordson ASYMTEK's non-contact jetting systems are ideal for underfill dispensing with precision fluid placement and patented Control Process Jetting (CPJ) to manage dispensed fluid volume.

With the growth of mobile electronics, battery life improvement and miniaturization trends are leading the electronics industry to adopt more space and energy saving assembly technologies like, chip-scale packaging (CSP), ball grid array assembly (BGA) and package-on-package (PoP) assembly. Beyond board density changes, mobile electronics need greater durability at the individual part level than traditional desktop motherboard applications. One method of enabling such package size reduction and increasing reliability is through the use of capillary underfill dispensing.

Keep-out-zones (KOZ) between CSP/BGA and other board components continue to shrink to meet end package miniaturization goals. Dispensing accuracy thus becomes more important in order to minimize KOZ and deliver underfill fluid as close to the CSP or BGA as possible without landing on top of the package or wicking off to neighboring components. New products from Nordson ASYMTEK, like the SpectrumTM II platform, lead the industry in meeting these challenges for dispense accuracy.

With large scale, high volume production of CSPs and BGAs, every drop of fluid counts toward the bottom line. As such, it becomes advantageous for the manufacturer to tightly control dispensed fluid volume to ensure each part has the right amount of fluid and not a single drop is wasted. Further, as fluid viscosity changes over the course of a production run, dispense parameters need be adjusted to maintain the same dispensed volume throughout the production cycle. Calibrated Process Jetting from Nordson ASYMTEK uses a patented, closed-loop system to automatically adjust these dispense parameters to ensure the correct amount of fluid is dispensed to each device.

In addition, Nordson ASYMTEK offers solutions for a wider range of underfill techniques, including no-flow underfill and jetting encapsulation technologies. For more about flip chip underfill and first-level underfill for electronic component assemblies, visit this page under Semiconductor Packaging Solutions.

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