CSP and BGA Underfill Library

Technical Papers

Underfilling Flip Chip Die Using Continuous Path Motion Control
A. Morita (July 2013) (PDF 236 KB)

Jetting Technology: A Way of the Future in Dispensing
H. Quinones, A. Babiarz, L. Fang (EMAP, Taiwan, October 2002) (PDF 170 KB) 
Jetting Technology for Microelectronics
H. Quinones, A. Babiarz, L. Fang (IMAPS Nordic, Stockholm, Sweden September 2002) (PDF 197 KB)


Process Improvements in Fluid Dispensing
D. Ashley (US Tech Magazine, July 2012) (PDF 212 KB)

Jetting PoP Underfill
B. Perkins (Advanced Packaging magazine, November/December 2008) (PDF 563 KB)

Jetting Small Dots of High Viscosity Fluids for Packaging Applications
A. Babiarz (Seminconductor International, August 2006) (PDF 688 KB)

Automatisches Dispensen von Underfill: Der Jet kann’s
H. Beine, Chefredakteur (productronic magazine, 07 2005) (PDF 157 KB)