Phosphor, Diffuser, Silicone and Epoxy Material Dispensing Library


Jetting Fluids in a Wide Variety of New Electronics And Semiconductor Non-Traditional Packaging and Assembly Applications
A. Babiarz (Pan Pacific, January 2009) (PDF 1.1 MB) 

Silicone-Phosphor Encapsulation for High Power White LEDs
H. Quinones, B. Sawatzky, A. Babiarz (Pan Pacific, January 2008) (PDF 380 KB) 
Jetting - A New Paradigm in Dispensing of Light Emitting Diode Products
B. Hoffman (IMAPS LED ATW, October 2005) (PDF 267 KB) 


Dispensing for LEDs: Tighter Control through Jetting
A. Morita (EM Asia magazine, November/December 2010) (PDF 308 KB)

Dispensing for the OLED Encapsulation Process
A. Babiarz (Solid State Technology magazine, June 2008) (PDF 450 KB)