Packaging Assembly Material Dispensing Library

Technical Papers

Jetting Fluids in a Wide Variety of New Electronics and Semiconductor Non-Traditional Packaging and Assembly Applications
A. Babiarz (Pan Pacific, January 2009) (PDF 1.1 MB) 

Silicone-Phosphor Encapsulation for High Power White LEDs
H. Quinones, B. Sawatzky, A. Babiarz (Pan Pacific, January 2008) (PDF 380 KB) 
Jetting - A New Paradigm in Dispensing of Light Emitting Diode Products
B. Hoffman (IMAPS LED ATW, October 2005) (PDF 267 KB) 


Dispensing for the OLED Encapsulation Process
A. Babiarz (Solid State Technology magazine, June 2008) (PDF 450 KB)

Use of Closed-Loop Process Controls in Dispensing
J. Klocke (Circuits Assembly magazine, January 2006) (PDF 467 KB)