Find dispensing products for LED manufacture and assembly from ASYMTEK

LED Assembly

Nordson ASYMTEK provides LED customers with top quality dispensing products for the manufacture of high-brightness white LEDs.

High-brightness LEDs are used in several assemblies such as automotive, general illumination and back lighting for LCDs where the trend has been for large LCDs that are thinner, consume less power and deliver better picture quality.

Nordson ASYMTEK offers products for various applications in LED assembly; the two most common are:
• LED encapsulation
• Package assembly material dispensing

Featured LED Assembly

LED Packaging Assembly Material Dispensing

Nordson ASYMTEK equipment dispenses materials for LED Packaging Assembly and delivers exact amounts of fluids including silicones

Silicone Phosphor Cavity Encapsulation

LED Silicone phosphor encapsulation improves production costs and light color consistency with Nordson ASYMTEK high speed jetting and closed-loop process controls.