Precise Bonding, Sealing and Gasketing Media


UV gaskets at 300mm/s dispense speed 

Twin nozzle dispensing with a rotator

OLED seal dispensing with DJ-9500 and twin nozzle. Twin nozzle increases dispensing speed to 300mm/sec. Rotator changes twin nozzle direction between horizontal and vertical ways on glass. 

Close up gasket dispensing 

Dot sealing lines

Dots will become seal lines in lamination. The DispenseJet DJ-9500 is shown jetting the dots that become seals and gaskets. 

Jetting vs Needle Dispensing 

Jet runs faster than needle for seal dispensing

The jet (DipsenseJet DJ-9500 shown) doesn’t retract; no Z direction movement. Vertical and horizontal seals are dispensed with no stops between gaskets. Needle dispensing needs Z retraction and stops after every gasket.