Encapsulation and Cavity Fill

Cavity packages provide a readymade, simple method of packaging many types of devices from integrated circuits to MEMS

Maximizing throughput is achieved by optimizing the volumetric accuracy, flow rate, and fill patterns of the dispensing process. Nordson ASYMTEK's DP Series Linear Pump and proprietary fill-pattern technology create the highest throughput cavity-fill dispensers available today.

Superior volumetric control delivers accurate fill heights for consistent wirebond coverage and fill flatness.

The DP Series Linear Pump delivers 1%, 3 sigma repeatability for a typical shot size of 300 mg, despite changes in fluid viscosity.

Contact and non-contact part-heating options, either contact or impingement, offer maximum flexibility.

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Two-Piece Tooling for Contact HeatingTwo-Piece Tooling for Contact Heating

Nordson ASYMTEK's two-piece tooling for contact heating features an interchangeable top plate, custom configured for a wide variety of substrate types that are trans-ported using standard-width carriers

Flexible Impingement-Heat ToolingFlexible Impingement-Heat Tooling

Impingement heat ensures precise and consistent substrate heating for reliable fluid dispensing when contact heating is not an option.

DJ-9500 DispenseJet High-Speed Jet DispensingDJ-9500 DispenseJet High-Speed Jet Dispensing

The new DispenseJet DJ-9500 is Nordson ASYMTEK’s latest jet design that further expands the list of jettable fluids for a wider range of applications.

DP-3000 Linear Positive Displacement PumpDP-3000 Linear Positive Displacement Pump

The DP-3000 Linear Pump is a servo-controlled, volume displacement pump. It is a true positive displacement linear pump that is not affected by fluid viscosity, supply pressure, needle size or fluid/pump temperature.


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