Dispensing and coating systems for electronics assemblies

Electromechanical Assembly

MEMs manufacturing, RFID devices, hard disk drives and other electromechanical assemblies benefit from ASYMTEK’s automated precision dispensing and conformal coating systems.

Featured Electromechanical

Bonding mobile device with hot-melt glue
Precise Bonding, Sealing and Gasketing

Automated fluid dispensers make product assembly easier by precisely dispensing glues and adhesives including hot-melt applications for electronics manufacturing

MEMS Assembly
MEMS Assembly

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), as the name describes, are tiny mechanical structures produced via semiconductor manufacturing processes. MEMS devices are used as sensors or actuators.

Hard Disk Drive Assembly
Hard Disk Drive Assembly

Hard disk drive manufactures depend upon Norsdon ASYMTEK for precision fluid dispensing in a wide array of assembly processes.

Precise Painting

Automated fluid dispensers from Nordson ASYMTEK make precise painting easier

Precise Lubrication

Precision lubrication operations with Nordson ASYMTEK's fluid dispensing systems

Encapsulation and Cavity Fill

Cavity packages provide a ready-made, simple method of packaging many types of devices from Integrated Circuits to MEMs manufacturing.

RFID Assembly

Jetting is an effective method for applying conductive epoxies and anisotropic conductive pastes for die attach on RFID tag antenna assemblies in line with printed electronics processes.