Fluid Dispensing Accessories and Options

Accessories and options for Nordson ASYMTEK fluid dispensing systems provide flexibility and capability for your specific requirements.

Featured Fluid Dispensing Accessories and Options

Flexible Impingement-Heat Tooling from Nordson ASYMTEK
Flexible Impingement-Heat Tooling

Impingement heat ensures precise and consistent substrate heating for reliable fluid dispensing when contact heating is not an option.

Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor from Nordson ASYMTEK
Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor

Nordson ASYMTEK’s CCD non-contact laser height sensor provides high-speed dispense height measurement for components that may be compromised by tactile sensing

Dual-Action Dispensing from Nordson ASYMTEK
Dual-Action Dispensing

Dual-action dispensing allows you to dispense two different fluids with two different Asymtek valves. The dual-action head controls the XYZ position of either valve, and the dispensing operation of each valve is completely independent and sequential.

MH-900 Series Loaders/Unloaders
MH-900 Series Loaders/Unloaders

The latest generation of material handling equipment from Nordson ASYMTEK sets new standards for safe and reliable loading/unloading of everything from thin strip magazines to large pallets

Two-Piece Tooling for Contact Heating from Nordson ASYMTEK
Two-Piece Tooling for Contact Heating

Nordson ASYMTEK's two-piece tooling for contact heating features an interchangeable top plate, custom configured for a wide variety of substrate types that are trans-ported using standard-width carriers

Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing Technology from Nordson ASYMTEK
Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing

You can reduce dispense time by at least 50 percent with Nordson ASYMTEK's dual-simultaneous dispensing. This option enables simultaneous dispense with two of the same valve/jet on one synchronous head -same fluid, same valves.

Fids-on-the-Fly High-Speed Fiducial Capture from Nordson ASYMTEK
Fids-on-the-Fly High-Speed Fiducial Capture

Asymtek’s Fids-on-the-Fly™ option is up to 5.5X faster than the traditional stop-and-capture mode for locating fiducials. Reducing time spent performing this essential, non-dispense routine can increase UPH as much as 35 percent.