Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ)

Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) is an innovative, patented technology that significantly reduces process variability for fluid dispensing on Nordson ASYMTEK’s dispensing equipment. CPJ ensures a highly repeatable process, minimizing setup to setup and line-to-line variations, while eliminating the need for operator interaction.

There are three methods of Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ):

Standard CPJ maintains volumetric repeatability for closed-loop process control and automatically compensates for changes in fluid viscosity, using Nordson ASYMTEK’s proprietary FmXP software and some hardware features. The dispenser automatically measures the mass per dot and compares it to user-specified min/max values to maintain constant dispensed weight per part (Patent #5906682). It’s also been called Mass Flow Calibration for needle dispensing.

Standard CPJ is included in all Nordson ASYMTEK Spectrum S-920N and Spectrum S-910N systems.

CPJ+, the newest method, adjusts pressure to maintain constant mass per dot. Using FmXP software and some additional hardware features, CPJ+ automatically compensates for both fluid viscosity changes over time as well as batch-to-batch variations. CPJ+ increases dispense accuracy, delivering higher yields and ensuring consistent Takt time for improved process capability (CpK).

Dispensing programs and CPJ+ settings are easily transferred between Nordson ASYMTEK dispensers in the same factory and around the world. This produces faster setup as well as reduced process development and production set-up times.

CPJ+ is easy to use. The process engineer simply enters key process parameters into the software. Settings are recorded for traceability. At programmed intervals, the dispenser measures the weight per dot and adjusts the pressure to maintain a constant mass per part. Errors associated with operator adjustment during production are eliminated since the process is under machine control. CPJ+ also allows dispensing processes to be remotely maintained from a central computer via a SECS/GEM interface.

 CPJ+ enables precise jetting for uniform mass deposition that’s critical to several types of applications:

CPJ+ is standard on the Spectrum S-920N and optional on the Spectrum S-910N platform.

Advanced Calibrated Process Jetting (ACPJ+) significantly reduces process variability. ACPJ+ software is designed specifically for LED production. ACPJ+ ensures the targeted fluid weight per cavity (mass per part) is maintained within a prescribed tolerance by automatically adjusting fluid pressure, dots per cavity, and valve on/off times at programmed intervals.

ACPJ+ is optional on the Spectrum S-920N.

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