S-922N Dual-Lane Dispenser

S-922N Series Dual-Lane Dispenser

The Spectrum™ S-922N is a high-volume dual lane dispensing system for advanced electronics packaging and semiconductor assembly. It is ideal for applications like flip chip and CSP underfill when more than one underfill pass is required, or for applications with long pre-heat cycles. Throughput increases of 60 to 85 percent are achievable with the Spectrum’s multi-tasking capabilities.

When flow-out times are longer than the time to dispense all first-pass lines, a single lane dispenser loses valuable production time. The Spectrum™ S-922N dual-lane system allows parallel processing on two lanes for continuous dispensing, eliminating lost time in non-dispensing activities such as material flow-out and substrate loading/unloading.

The Spectrum S-922N dual-lane system is also ideal for applications with high heat requirements or long pre-heat cycles. Dispensing can be done in one lane while substrates reach temperature set point in the second lane. The Spectrum S-922N system is configured with up to six stations of heat, three stations per lane. The six heat stations ensure precise and consistent substrate heating at specified ramp rates for efficient and highly reliable dispensing. 


  • Multi-tasking capability can provide a 60 to 85 percent increase in throughput over single lane systems
  • Programmable fluid and valve pressure control for closed-loop processing, eliminates errors associated with manual adjustments during operation
  • Patented CPJ™ (Calibrated Process Jetting) for automatically ensuring volumetric repeatability during long production runs
  • A flexible number of heating zones and optional Controlled Process Heat (CpH) minimize process time
  • Slim design maximizes floor space utilization
  • The S-922N platform is easily upgraded in the field as your process needs change
  • Digital vision system
  • Tactile height sensor

Recommended Applications

Optional Features and Accessories

  • MH-900 Series material handlers for reliable magazine loading and unloading of a wide range of carriers, from thin strips to large heavy pallets
  • Controlled Process Heat (CpH™ ) for recipe-controlled heat management (such as warm up, process ramp, cool down) for improved yield and thermal footprint efficiency
  • Dual Valves: dual action and dual simultaneous capability
  • Laser height sensor
  • Exterior bulk fluid reservoir
  • Fids-on-the-Fly™ for high-speed fiducial capture
  • SECS/GEM interface software
  • Pre- and post-heat stations